Sunday, November 29, 2009

If you've got it... flaunt it!

Sorry for not being around, that's what happens when you have renovations to a business. Change is something that can be seen both ways... good and bad. For example, look at this place. We changed some things and good things have come of it. Now, change from a new Mercedes Benz to a piece of crap car, that's a bad change. And I guess there is the in between, there's the "I won't do anything because I am afraid of change" mode. Because we are human and live on this earth things will always change. Did you know the continents move on average a centimeter a year? Did you know that Hawaii is still growing and its landscape changes on a regular basis? Did you know that many years ago there were no cars or computers? ([sarcasm] No way!)
Just so you know this has nothing to with Obama's "change." 

I have a friend; he's a teacher. Teaches at a lutheran school in fact. I know, crazy huh, a lutheran school still exists! 

Why is it that we would say that?

I do not believe it has anything to do with the school necessarily, but the congregation of the church. 

What's that? How does the church have anything to do with the school?

EVERYTHING! The church and the school are one entity. It's like marriage... a true marriage where there is one husband, one wife, and Christ Jesus is in between! Both husband and wife have to work together in order for the marriage to work, right? Right. If one spouse decides to ignore the other, they start working separately and eventually they break up. Usually, neither side ends up in a great position after that. Some have full mental breakdowns.  The school my friend works at is suffering because the congregation has ignored the school. The school has done everything possible to keep things going for itself and the congregation. Yet, the congregation is not doing its part.
Money is a big issue right now with this congregation... they're in debt and thus far having difficulty paying it off. Generally, members of the church are not helping to pay off this debt. As a result, the church wishes to make some budget cuts, starting with the school. I know... (sarcasm)but it gets better! The church has a cemetery fund worth more than double the amount of debt. The thing is, that money cannot be touched according to the constitution of the church. 
What? Oh. Well, the money will be used for up keep of the cemetery and later burials after the church is gone. You would think, rather, to believe that the church would never shut down. What kind of faith is that? Pshhh... assuming your church will die. "Well, just in case the church shuts down, we'll have money to take care of the dead."
 Are you kidding me?! This church is more concerned about taking care of the dead over the living, breathing church and school?! If I recall, Jesus says something like, "let the dead bury itself." The dead are dead and there is nothing to be done, since we're all eventually getting new bodies anyways! What about the fact that the church allows more opportunity to spread the word of God to the living than a dead church? Is this church so focused on itself that it does not care to reach out to the rest of the community?
Let me ask you this. What happens to a plant if you don't water it? Right, it withers and dies. What happens to a church when it quits functioning as a church? It withers and dies. 
This church does not interact with other lutheran churches in the area. It does not encourage parents of other congregations to send their child to the school. It does not interact with the school. (Thank you to those who do.)
I know that money was given by people for specific reasons, one of them was not to get the church out of debt. But when the church is in debt, people are not giving, and there is a great threat to the only outreach the church has... the school, I think desperate times call for desperate measures. If the money is there use it, and pay it back over time in respect to those who gave that money in the first place. Make some changes to survive! If there is no food on the table, we don't just sit there and starve! We get up, look in the fridge and cabinets for food and make a meal. If things get really dicey we start looking in the trash. But to sit there and starve to death... that's just plain stupid.

As someone looking at this church from the outside-in... I know I won't go to this church. Not until some real, good, honest change is made.  

Monday, September 28, 2009

Even the Smallest Person Can Change the Course of the Future

Good evening! What'll it be? Com'n right up!
What difference can one person make? Whoa there, a lot more than you could ever imagine. Take for example the Mongols. Yeah, the Mongols. What's so great about them? Well, they weren't exactly "great" in the sense that we would have liked them to be, but they were very influential and powerful. I want you to know that the mongols were one of the shortest people in Asia. They did measurements according to the size of the hand which is about 4 inches ( I believe from the thumb to the outer edge of the hand). That is quite the small measurement. Yet, they accomplished the task of conquering 3/4 of Asia, including part of Western Europe. Sure, they took it by force, killing and pillaging as they went, but they were skilled soldiers, horsemen, and farmers. They lived in a land with little water and poor soil, yet they still grew crops. They became an educated culture that was admired (in some aspects) and feared.
I remember a line quite well from the movie The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, "Even the the smallest person, can change the course of the future." I strongly believe that a few people can change the face of the world, for good or evil. Fifty-six men changed the western world in a matter of a few years. Who says we can't have something similar happen like that again. We're America and we know how to fix things and make what is wrong, right! We just have to be willing to take on those tasks.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Common sense? Where?!

Welcome back! It's been awhile, I know. What'll it be, the usual? Com'n right up.
you know, I've been reading up on this "Global Warming" stuff and I gotta tell ya it's a bunch of crap. There are so many contradictories and then what the government is trying to do to "fix" the environment is also contradictory to common sense. First off, let me state that I am all for new and renewable resources as long as they are more efficient than what we already have. Second, God commanded us to take care of the world He gave us and that is more than enough reason for me to do what I can. But when we're all told that we need to get rid of pollution like carbon dioxide, I cringe.
There is a major push to use only electricity. Great! Wait... how is electricity created? Coal! We burn the coal to make electricity. Wait. Burning coal pollutes the air... So, it's not true when I read on the electric hand dryers (in bathrooms) that it protects the environment. Have you noticed though that you see less and less of those notifications? Hmm...
Recently I heard that we need to get rid of carbon dioxide, it's one of the main pollutants. Great! Wait... Don't humans exhale carbon dioxide? Yes! Wait. Don't plants soak in all of the carbon dioxide to give us oxygen? Umm... yeah.
Another thing. Most scientists will not discuss the affect the sun has on the earth. The sun has an 11 year cycle, give or take some. Half way through its cycle, it becomes very violent and poses to a threat to the earth. It has been recorded on several occasions that the sun knocked out power in random areas of the world. The northern lights occur because of sun particles being trapped in earth's atmosphere. Astronauts are continually at risk with the sun and if not properly protected could prove to be life threatening. There are countless other affects the sun has on our solar system, why not take notice that it can cause our weather patterns to become more severe? As of 2009, the sun is at one of its calmest points; five years ago or so, we were hearing of massive hurricanes and hundreds of deadly tornadoes. Hurricane Katrina occurred in the sun's most violent part of its eleven year cycle. Lately, have you heard of violent, deadly storms? If so, how many? Not a lot is it? So, there you have it. The earth can enjoy about 3-4 years of mild weather conditions. After that, we will see an increase of violent weather, then it will die down again, and then start back up. The sun is on one of the longest roller coaster rides. So this coming year I expect a longer winter and a shorter summer. My prediction is a couple of inches of snow by October 12-23.
Oh, yeah! In the year 2012, the government has mandated that all buildings are to be equipped with environmentally safe light-bulb's. did you know that they contain mercury? So what is to happen when a light bulb breaks? evacuate the premises, get your hazmat suit and call the environmental agency? Besides, how is the government going to police such a law?
Ehh, I know, I am just venting. But I am so sick of stupid people being in charge, generally speaking of course. I must always remember that there is a select few who's leadership is outstanding. Kudos to them!
A toast! To our true leaders... where money doesn't matter... to those with common sense... to those who place their own needs aside for the people... to those who know that they work for us!

Monday, September 7, 2009

To be or not to be... Aliens?

So here's something that is most off topic from anything we have spoken of. The other night over a couple drinks, a buddy and I got to talking about extraterrestrial life. What if there is life out there? Would it affect our belief in God... in Jesus? How would humanity truly react to such an event like "First Contact?" Would the aliens be peaceful or barbaric?
So many movies and tv shows portray aliens as lethal and always out to destroy humanity. As a result, the human race unites to defeat the "dangerous aliens" and always seems to succeed. I suppose one of the reasons for having such entertainment is to have the belief that one day the world will put its difference aside and ban together to do what is right. Unfortunately, it's a sinful world and we will never see this. With that said, what if aliens truly exist and have the technology that so many "abductees" claim to have witnessed? This means they would see our movies and news stories, etc. and most likely fear for their lives. Why? Because humanity tends to blow itself up and show that we kill aliens. If we had space travel capabilities and began to visit other worlds, I certainly would avoid any planet that tends to kill alien races just for showing up, let alone the fact that the planet is always at war with itself. On the other hand, if they truly exist, why would the E.T's not try to help us to become more peaceful?
This is where religion steps in. According to scripture, the bible says "that God so loved the world." I spoke with a pastor friend about this and his response was that in Hebrew (Old Testament) "world" meant the entire universe, not just Earth. That certainly put a new perspective on things. But what about Christ? He came to save us from our sins, for those on this world. So... Jesus came only to Earth because we are the only intelligent life in all of this universe, or He came to all planets that have intelligent life, or He came only to Earth for all intelligent beings of the universe... but how would they know about that event? God can be anywhere at once, so the second theory is plausible.
I would love to travel in space and see the galaxy. I would love to meet an alien race and become great friends and learn new things. The thing is, until there is actual hard evidence of other intelligent beings, I will not believe they exist. I would like it to be true, but I believe God created us humans for a special reason, placed in a special location among all things in this universe. If God created other life out there, fantastic! If not... oh well.
So, anyone in the mood for "green" beer?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Part 8: Strive for what you believe

Hey, long time no see! Glad to see you made it back. Yeah things are changing around here. My wife and I added a coffee shop to this place for the morning hours in hopes to bring in more cash. This economy has really brought us down so we're hoping this will help. So far so good!
Speaking of which, you know how this country has just been falling down a steep slope? Well, get this... some hard working people have been doing a fantastic job of keeping the government a democracy... though it needs to be a republic. People are finally getting fed up with the current administration and both democrats and republicans are joining forces against the communist idiots in the White House and congress! And get this, there's a peaceful march on DC on 9/12/09, to show that the American people mean business.
I am so happy to see people standing up for themselves and doing what needs to be done! So as we continue to build this place in this poor economy, I will remember that our hard work paid off in the end. No matter how hard it will be, it will be worth it!
Have another!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Part 7: "There is always hope..."

I must say I am glad to see your face here time after time. What'll it be? Amberbock? Budwieser... ah... there ya go.
Ya I saw the fireworks this past fourth. What an amazing site! The beautiful lights and the outstanding explosions really made it a fun evening. But I tell ya, it's the first time I really took America's birthday to heart. Considering everything that is going on in this nation, it is hard for me to see this nation being able to celebrate its independence in the near future. Call me an alarmist if you will, but use common sense and take a look around at what is going on. Our freedoms are being ripped away bit by bit. When the government tells me I have to use special light-bulbs and drive environmentally friendly cars, something tells me I lost my freedom. So as I sit there in a lawn chair enjoying the fireworks, I could not help but let a tear of pride and sorrow trickle down my face. I love this country and believe it still is the best in the world. But what this country has is a disease and one day it will claim America's life. I am saddened by the very thought of the USSA... the United Socialist States of America. I pray it will never reach this point and if it comes, I will be one of many to stand up and fight for our freedom, for our way of life. "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness..." In other words we are free to chose our own way of life; by our own means. I don't recall the constitution ever saying, "Controlled life, slavery, and the pursuit to give the government full power." It has been 144 years since our last revolution, so I am quite sure we are up for another one. A peaceful one mind you since bringing a violent revolution makes us no better than those who are already in power. Take for example Sarah Palin. She lost the election with John McCain, and it has been months since President Obama has taken office, yet Palin continues to be made fun of and insulted by left wing liberals. That reminds me of some kids I knew back in the fourth grade, when their parents gave them a new game console and I didn't. Instead of asking me over, they laughed at me because I was poor and couldn't afford one. Is our government truly run by 8 and 9 year old children? You know what happened to me when I didn't listen to my mother, she spanked me or worse, she grounded me to my room. Our government today is not listening to its people and I think its time to ground them! "Change... Yes we can..." change the people who run our country. It is time for our incompetent leaders to step down and make room for those who will lead this country by example and listen to what the people have to say. "We the people..."
Though a tear falls down the cheek, I continue to hope and pray that something good will come from this pit we have fallen into. And frankly, I know we will. The light may be small at the end of this tunnel, but soon it will be bright enough to see.
Here's to America! Happy birthday! Long live the United States of America! Cheers!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Part 6: Going Green Kills... Through Government Policies

 Green beer today in support for finding new and more fuel efficient energy. Proceeds go to a program of your choice.  There ya go, I promise it taste just like the beer you love. 
 I am all for protecting the environment, in fact, God is the one who tells us to take care of what He created.  Sure He gives us the liberty to use the resources, but He also wants us to be good stewards of the planet.  Now, I don't fall for the global warming crap, that's not why I agree with going green.  We have been too dependent on foreign resources, especially oil.  We need to rely on ourselves, this beloved country, the US of A.  Have you seen our cities? From miles away you can see that brown fog covering our major cities.  I don't know about you but I would rather not breathe that let alone live in it.  Do you realize how unhealthy that is? This truly does damage the environment and since we ARE part of the environment, I am all for new and reusable resources.
  With that being said, I do not, however, believe the government should be telling us how to live our lives.  For example, we can no longer use the standard lightbulb since it uses more energy, we now have to use the more efficient LED bulbs.  Which by the way can be more hazardous to your health if the light bulb were to shatter since there is mercury contained inside.  Talk about being dangerous to the environment...WE ARE PART OF THE ENVIRONMENT! So how can this be more safe?  Light bulbs break all the time and frankly, I don't feel like leaving my house for a long time and waiting for someone to come clean it up.
  I just recently bought a house. What? Oh, I know, in this economy? I am quite lucky. I recently discovered that if I were to sell my house sometime down the road, that I would have difficulty doing so. You see, my house would have to be equipped with green appliances.  Anything from LED light bulbs to solar paneling on my roof and a windmill in my yard.  How am I to afford that? Well under government sanctions I will have no choice.  Why does the government have a say on how I live my life or what kind of house I live in? They don't...BUTT OUT! This is America and I have my rights and freedoms and there is no way I am going to have a gutless and incompetent government tell me what to do!
  The government now says that carbon dioxide is bad for the environment.  I think we can all agree that it is hazardous... under the most extreme conditions. Let us get this straight.  Humans breathe in oxygen which plants give.  Humans exhale carbon dioxide which plants take in. So, is the government saying we should all die for the sake of the environment? Well, umm... we are a part of the environment.  You take humans out of the equation and you will have an environmental disaster. We are a part of the natural chain of this world, this world needs us! And what about the cows? They're worse than humans, should we kill all the cows? What about the pigs, skunks, and gol' darn it those mosquitos carry diseases... we should definitely kill them off.  For the sake of losing millions of jobs, homes, freedoms and earth's natural food chain all for the sake of the environment?  Currently, the government is doing the exact opposite, what they believe to be "saving the world" is actually destroying it... faster than the lie of global warming ever could.
  So, here's to protecting the environment with common sense while keeping our freedoms! Drinks are on the house!