Monday, September 7, 2009

To be or not to be... Aliens?

So here's something that is most off topic from anything we have spoken of. The other night over a couple drinks, a buddy and I got to talking about extraterrestrial life. What if there is life out there? Would it affect our belief in God... in Jesus? How would humanity truly react to such an event like "First Contact?" Would the aliens be peaceful or barbaric?
So many movies and tv shows portray aliens as lethal and always out to destroy humanity. As a result, the human race unites to defeat the "dangerous aliens" and always seems to succeed. I suppose one of the reasons for having such entertainment is to have the belief that one day the world will put its difference aside and ban together to do what is right. Unfortunately, it's a sinful world and we will never see this. With that said, what if aliens truly exist and have the technology that so many "abductees" claim to have witnessed? This means they would see our movies and news stories, etc. and most likely fear for their lives. Why? Because humanity tends to blow itself up and show that we kill aliens. If we had space travel capabilities and began to visit other worlds, I certainly would avoid any planet that tends to kill alien races just for showing up, let alone the fact that the planet is always at war with itself. On the other hand, if they truly exist, why would the E.T's not try to help us to become more peaceful?
This is where religion steps in. According to scripture, the bible says "that God so loved the world." I spoke with a pastor friend about this and his response was that in Hebrew (Old Testament) "world" meant the entire universe, not just Earth. That certainly put a new perspective on things. But what about Christ? He came to save us from our sins, for those on this world. So... Jesus came only to Earth because we are the only intelligent life in all of this universe, or He came to all planets that have intelligent life, or He came only to Earth for all intelligent beings of the universe... but how would they know about that event? God can be anywhere at once, so the second theory is plausible.
I would love to travel in space and see the galaxy. I would love to meet an alien race and become great friends and learn new things. The thing is, until there is actual hard evidence of other intelligent beings, I will not believe they exist. I would like it to be true, but I believe God created us humans for a special reason, placed in a special location among all things in this universe. If God created other life out there, fantastic! If not... oh well.
So, anyone in the mood for "green" beer?

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