Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Part 6: Going Green Kills... Through Government Policies

 Green beer today in support for finding new and more fuel efficient energy. Proceeds go to a program of your choice.  There ya go, I promise it taste just like the beer you love. 
 I am all for protecting the environment, in fact, God is the one who tells us to take care of what He created.  Sure He gives us the liberty to use the resources, but He also wants us to be good stewards of the planet.  Now, I don't fall for the global warming crap, that's not why I agree with going green.  We have been too dependent on foreign resources, especially oil.  We need to rely on ourselves, this beloved country, the US of A.  Have you seen our cities? From miles away you can see that brown fog covering our major cities.  I don't know about you but I would rather not breathe that let alone live in it.  Do you realize how unhealthy that is? This truly does damage the environment and since we ARE part of the environment, I am all for new and reusable resources.
  With that being said, I do not, however, believe the government should be telling us how to live our lives.  For example, we can no longer use the standard lightbulb since it uses more energy, we now have to use the more efficient LED bulbs.  Which by the way can be more hazardous to your health if the light bulb were to shatter since there is mercury contained inside.  Talk about being dangerous to the environment...WE ARE PART OF THE ENVIRONMENT! So how can this be more safe?  Light bulbs break all the time and frankly, I don't feel like leaving my house for a long time and waiting for someone to come clean it up.
  I just recently bought a house. What? Oh, I know, in this economy? I am quite lucky. I recently discovered that if I were to sell my house sometime down the road, that I would have difficulty doing so. You see, my house would have to be equipped with green appliances.  Anything from LED light bulbs to solar paneling on my roof and a windmill in my yard.  How am I to afford that? Well under government sanctions I will have no choice.  Why does the government have a say on how I live my life or what kind of house I live in? They don't...BUTT OUT! This is America and I have my rights and freedoms and there is no way I am going to have a gutless and incompetent government tell me what to do!
  The government now says that carbon dioxide is bad for the environment.  I think we can all agree that it is hazardous... under the most extreme conditions. Let us get this straight.  Humans breathe in oxygen which plants give.  Humans exhale carbon dioxide which plants take in. So, is the government saying we should all die for the sake of the environment? Well, umm... we are a part of the environment.  You take humans out of the equation and you will have an environmental disaster. We are a part of the natural chain of this world, this world needs us! And what about the cows? They're worse than humans, should we kill all the cows? What about the pigs, skunks, and gol' darn it those mosquitos carry diseases... we should definitely kill them off.  For the sake of losing millions of jobs, homes, freedoms and earth's natural food chain all for the sake of the environment?  Currently, the government is doing the exact opposite, what they believe to be "saving the world" is actually destroying it... faster than the lie of global warming ever could.
  So, here's to protecting the environment with common sense while keeping our freedoms! Drinks are on the house!

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