Sunday, September 27, 2009

Common sense? Where?!

Welcome back! It's been awhile, I know. What'll it be, the usual? Com'n right up.
you know, I've been reading up on this "Global Warming" stuff and I gotta tell ya it's a bunch of crap. There are so many contradictories and then what the government is trying to do to "fix" the environment is also contradictory to common sense. First off, let me state that I am all for new and renewable resources as long as they are more efficient than what we already have. Second, God commanded us to take care of the world He gave us and that is more than enough reason for me to do what I can. But when we're all told that we need to get rid of pollution like carbon dioxide, I cringe.
There is a major push to use only electricity. Great! Wait... how is electricity created? Coal! We burn the coal to make electricity. Wait. Burning coal pollutes the air... So, it's not true when I read on the electric hand dryers (in bathrooms) that it protects the environment. Have you noticed though that you see less and less of those notifications? Hmm...
Recently I heard that we need to get rid of carbon dioxide, it's one of the main pollutants. Great! Wait... Don't humans exhale carbon dioxide? Yes! Wait. Don't plants soak in all of the carbon dioxide to give us oxygen? Umm... yeah.
Another thing. Most scientists will not discuss the affect the sun has on the earth. The sun has an 11 year cycle, give or take some. Half way through its cycle, it becomes very violent and poses to a threat to the earth. It has been recorded on several occasions that the sun knocked out power in random areas of the world. The northern lights occur because of sun particles being trapped in earth's atmosphere. Astronauts are continually at risk with the sun and if not properly protected could prove to be life threatening. There are countless other affects the sun has on our solar system, why not take notice that it can cause our weather patterns to become more severe? As of 2009, the sun is at one of its calmest points; five years ago or so, we were hearing of massive hurricanes and hundreds of deadly tornadoes. Hurricane Katrina occurred in the sun's most violent part of its eleven year cycle. Lately, have you heard of violent, deadly storms? If so, how many? Not a lot is it? So, there you have it. The earth can enjoy about 3-4 years of mild weather conditions. After that, we will see an increase of violent weather, then it will die down again, and then start back up. The sun is on one of the longest roller coaster rides. So this coming year I expect a longer winter and a shorter summer. My prediction is a couple of inches of snow by October 12-23.
Oh, yeah! In the year 2012, the government has mandated that all buildings are to be equipped with environmentally safe light-bulb's. did you know that they contain mercury? So what is to happen when a light bulb breaks? evacuate the premises, get your hazmat suit and call the environmental agency? Besides, how is the government going to police such a law?
Ehh, I know, I am just venting. But I am so sick of stupid people being in charge, generally speaking of course. I must always remember that there is a select few who's leadership is outstanding. Kudos to them!
A toast! To our true leaders... where money doesn't matter... to those with common sense... to those who place their own needs aside for the people... to those who know that they work for us!

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