Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Part 7: "There is always hope..."

I must say I am glad to see your face here time after time. What'll it be? Amberbock? Budwieser... ah... there ya go.
Ya I saw the fireworks this past fourth. What an amazing site! The beautiful lights and the outstanding explosions really made it a fun evening. But I tell ya, it's the first time I really took America's birthday to heart. Considering everything that is going on in this nation, it is hard for me to see this nation being able to celebrate its independence in the near future. Call me an alarmist if you will, but use common sense and take a look around at what is going on. Our freedoms are being ripped away bit by bit. When the government tells me I have to use special light-bulbs and drive environmentally friendly cars, something tells me I lost my freedom. So as I sit there in a lawn chair enjoying the fireworks, I could not help but let a tear of pride and sorrow trickle down my face. I love this country and believe it still is the best in the world. But what this country has is a disease and one day it will claim America's life. I am saddened by the very thought of the USSA... the United Socialist States of America. I pray it will never reach this point and if it comes, I will be one of many to stand up and fight for our freedom, for our way of life. "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness..." In other words we are free to chose our own way of life; by our own means. I don't recall the constitution ever saying, "Controlled life, slavery, and the pursuit to give the government full power." It has been 144 years since our last revolution, so I am quite sure we are up for another one. A peaceful one mind you since bringing a violent revolution makes us no better than those who are already in power. Take for example Sarah Palin. She lost the election with John McCain, and it has been months since President Obama has taken office, yet Palin continues to be made fun of and insulted by left wing liberals. That reminds me of some kids I knew back in the fourth grade, when their parents gave them a new game console and I didn't. Instead of asking me over, they laughed at me because I was poor and couldn't afford one. Is our government truly run by 8 and 9 year old children? You know what happened to me when I didn't listen to my mother, she spanked me or worse, she grounded me to my room. Our government today is not listening to its people and I think its time to ground them! "Change... Yes we can..." change the people who run our country. It is time for our incompetent leaders to step down and make room for those who will lead this country by example and listen to what the people have to say. "We the people..."
Though a tear falls down the cheek, I continue to hope and pray that something good will come from this pit we have fallen into. And frankly, I know we will. The light may be small at the end of this tunnel, but soon it will be bright enough to see.
Here's to America! Happy birthday! Long live the United States of America! Cheers!

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