Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Part 4: From Hopelessness to Hope

Same as usual? Got it.
I know what you mean. I've seen a lot crappy things go on in my life.  And more times than not, it seems like the bad out weighs the good.  You get to that point where things seem hopeless.  Yeah I have been there, in fact I continue to find myself in those situations... it's a natural part of life.  But more times than not things work out for the better.  I had this group come in one evening, upset in multiple ways.  I couldn't help but eavesdrop after placing their drinks on the table.  Something about a school not being able to open and that there were too many hurdles to jump.  It seemed... hopeless.  I am not sure what happened for a few months, but one night they came back and their attitudes were entirely different.  They were happy, proud, and joyous.  I asked what the occasion was and they responded with, "We have been working for about four years to get our school open and it is finally complete!" They went on, telling me about all the hurdles they jumped through, the disappointments, misunderstandings and miscommunications.  They had been wondering if it was really worth the effort.  After a very long wait, a Christian (Lutheran) school will open this fall on an indian reservation.  Giving another fantastic chance to spread the word of God!
   Though things in life cause you to experience hopelessness, to the point of giving up, don't.  Hold on as tight as you can cause it's going to be a bumpy ride.  Remember, God can do anything according to His will.  There are some things in life we want or think we need, but only God truly knows what is best.  He will grant our prayers if He knows that it will benefit us.
   Don't give up, stand up for what you believe and fight for it!  Even if it takes you several years to reach that goal.
   I think you've been listening too much 'cause your beer is more than half full! Drink up, and I'll get you another one. 

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