Monday, June 1, 2009

Part 3: Do the Work Yourself

   What'll it be?  Com'n right up!  Need a light?  
   I know, doesn't it just drive you nuts when people expect others to do the work for them?  What is wrong with today's society?  I had a teacher come in here a while back who had a student with that same mentality.  What made it worse is that his mother encouraged him to act in such manner.  He refused to think for himself and expected, on a regular basis, to be given the answers so that he could move on and go play. It got to the point that this particular student decided not to do his homework and get this... the mother blamed the teacher for him not completing his work!  On top of that, the teacher held him in at recess to get his work finished, instead of failing him, and the mother got pissed, claiming it to be unfair. 
   Why is poor behavior and lack of effort rewarded these days.  This nation wants to thrive on mediocrity.  Heck, we award children for receiving last place in a contest.  What is that about? This only encourages them to NOT try instead of bettering themselves!  How can we expect to improve ourselves and move forward if we continue this behavior.  Are we, as a nation, truly this lazy? There are somethings in life that we may not want to do, but we need to.  For example, this floor needs striped of old wax and replaced with a new coat.  It is a lot of work and I would rather have someone else do it.  But it's my job and when it is all completed I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.  In fact, I take better care of this floor than before now that I have put forth all that effort.  When things are done for us or given to us, many tend to take it for granted. They don't cherish what they have and eventually lose the desire to keep what they have.
   Education is essential to all life skills and if we continue with the mentality of allowing others to do the work for us, we won't learn a thing and become, well, useless.  It is our God given duty to do our best in everything, not to try our best, but do.    "Do, or do not, there is not try"
   Want another one? There ya go, on the house!

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