Sunday, May 31, 2009

Part 1: Opening Night

   Lately, I have been wondering how awesome it would be to own my own bar.  Not just any bar mind you, but one with more of a medieval atmosphere.  Don't fear, there would definitely be big screen TV's for sports and the like.  Oh yeah, and one other thing, smoking will be allowed.  I hate cigarettes, I tolerate cigars, and I love the smell of pipes.  In my life time I have only smoked the occasional cigar and pipe and please keep in mind I have not made a habit of this and strongly agree that IT IS BAD FOR YOU...but so is drinking.  In America today, the rights and freedoms of the average American citizen are being ripped away by foolish politicians.  Being able to smoke in public places is one of them!  Since I have been involved with a community theater, I have been attending a certain bar with several friends.  It was one of the few places where smoking was still allowed...until tomorrow.  The government isn't stepping on our toes, they're stepping on our faces and rubbing it in!  What right do they have to take away our freedoms?  Answer. They don't! This is why I would go through the hurdles of paper work, policies, phone calls, and the like to allow smoking in my pub.
   So here you are! Welcome to Kirk's Pub.  If you'd like, pull out a lighter and light that sucker and puff away.  In the mean time, I'll get you a nice cold beer. Finished? Have another one!

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